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Jiangsu Gorichen New materials co., LTD recruits the following positions. Please contact with the HR department if you interested in:

1. Production supervisor:

Male between 25 to 35 years old is preferable. Technical secondary school or above, major in engineering or other related majors;At least two years working experience of productive technology management on coating composite production line; Be familiar with quality standards and production standards of polymer film or flexible packaging materials. Have good knowledge of product features and manufacturing process. Familiar with operation procedures of production, logistics and technology; Have strong capacity of process optimization, organizing and communication. Be good at analyzing and solving problems.

2.Sales manager:

Over 22 years old with college degree or above; More than three years marketing,sales experience (solar energy materials sales experience is preferred). Have some social relations in this photovoltaic industry; Have good affinity, communication,executive ability and strong public relations ability. Strong sense of responsibility, proactive, and team work spirit.

3.R & Dengineer:

26 to 35 years old, bachelor degree or above, major in chemical, material and other related major; Over two years technology development experience in chemical material (prefer polymer film), CET - 6 is preferred;Have engaged in developing, applying andtesting work in polymer film materials and composite materials. Be familiar with all kinds of high polymer material detecting instruments. Have experiencein application of science and technology projects and patent.

4. Technical service engineer :

25 to 35 years old, college degree or above, major in scienceand engineering;More than three years customer service experience. Know about the application of film products in the solar industryand productive technology;Familiar with quality system and 8D process; Have good organization and coordination ability, communication skills, strong execution. Ability to work under pressure.

Please contact us:

Telephone: 0512-65137900

E-mail: anna.kong@gorichen.cn

Contacts: Miss Kong  

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